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A hidden wedding near Nerja

It was mid-winter when we received a new inquiry from a Swedish couple. They had already booked a villa in La Herradura and wanted their wedding nearby. We contacted our acquaintances in the area and carefully looked for a nice place for a smaller wedding. In Spain, most wedding venues are suitable for more than 300 guests, so with only 30 guests there is a little more searching to do. We do not want guests to feel that it's too big and rigid. We want to offer a place that gives the feeling of an intimate, cozy and enjoyable day. In addition to this, it is very important for us to work with good people who are service minded. In the past we have written about places where we had to chase each manager to be able to book a wedding and it is important to work with people who enjoy having a wedding at their restaurant!

This hidden place we found lies in the midst of several smaller mountains. It is in a way a bit enclosed and hidden for itself on a corner right on the beach. In additi…

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