Danish “hygge” style at your wedding in Spain?

We don’t really share special trends in the wedding industry. Even though it is very inspiring to see what is trendy today, and get some fresh ideas, we enjoy that the couple themselves follow their own style and preferences. We as wedding planners in Spain love weddings and keep ourselves up to date with the popular trends.

Danish “hygge” is a concept that started already in the year 2016 but continues also today. Instead of the minimalistic style it is looking towards the “cozy” factor with green colors and warm tones. The earthy feeling should be in focus and if you are having your wedding at the beach it is completely fine to take of the shoes and put the toes in the sand.

We are sharing a few photos taken by Sophie Duckworth Photography:

Also, here you see one of our beautiful brides, shoeless in the sand with a greener flower bouquet.
Picture of Amanda Watt.

Also, the experts says that purple has come to stay in the year of 2018. But we still have load of wedding with pink, so we just have to wait and see how this will develop 😊


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