Spanish Weddings in Spain

Culture determinate a lot on how the wedding will be. Since we live in Spain and talk fluent Spanish with Spanish friends we have had the privilege to be invited to Spanish weddings here in Malaga.

In Spanish weddings there could be around 300 guests, so they can be pretty big! Most of Spaniard are Catholics, so the ceremony would most likely be in a catholic church, followed by throwing rice just like the traditions.

If you are invited to as Spanish Wedding you can get dressed for real! Often you can see big hats and the mum of the bride could have a more expensive dress than the bride herself !

Picture from Amanda Watt

You would probably see cute flower girls that makes sure that the wedding will have it perfect dose of loveliness once they go down the aisle with fresh flowers.

Picture from Amanda Watt

European weddings have been influenced a lot from the United States, we often see the bride throwing the bouquet, first romantic dance and cutting of the wedding cake. These traditions are just as normal today in European weddings!

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