Tips on Wedding Planning

The first this we recommend is to check how much you want to spend on your wedding! Afterwards you can make a guestlist. We as wedding planners in Spain will then adapt the budget according to your plans. It is your wedding, so we want to complete your wishes as much as possible, but we should also be realistic to not exceed the original budgeting, so some things should be prioritized.

Here are 5 tips:
  • 1.       Put down a realistic budget (we don’t have any hidden costs, so here you can be completely open with how much you want to spend)
  • 2.       Find three alternatives to dates
  • 3.       Book a wedding planner, wedding celebrant/priest and photographer as soon as possible
  • 4.       Choose a good Toastmaster that doesn’t drink alcohol
  • 5.       Remember to enjoy your big day!

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